Santa Bianca is the name of a farmhouse located on a hill overlooking the valley of the ​river Cecina, Pisa province in Tuscany. The farm dates back to the first half of the 19th century and 15 years ago it went through a complete restoration

Everything is natural in the valley, even most of the farms in the area maintain organic practices. Just beyond the river Cecina is the beautiful Regional Park of Mount Berignone.
The weather is dry, and the west wind that blows almost every day brings with it the aroma of the Tyhrrenian Sea.

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Fields and nature

The fields are certified organic which has been taken one step further by embracing and practicing a wholly natural agriculture system. The farm doesn't use any medication for its plants and it grows aromatic plans and olive trees while going wild-harvesting in the surrounding valleys and woods to produce olive oil and distill around 20 types of essential oils from its crops belonging to the Mediterranean floras. The key word is quality and the blends produced are 100% natural with nothing else added.

The aromas

When we breathe the molecules which carry scents activate our nose cavity receptors. These receptors quickly transmit impulses that reach directly the olfactory bulbs located in the brain which revamp your memory, emotions and mood. Some of the most respected aromatherapists agree that essential oils can be very beneficial for some physical and emotional orders. For example to soothe a headache or calm irritability it can be useful to inhale mint essential oil. In any case we recommend to try the efficacy and power of your sense of smell yourself.  

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