Star anise that meets, almost by chance, a very delicate acacia honey.

We can be sure: randomness doesn’t exist!


La Stella


La Stella was born to emphasize two widely used products in our area of origins that is the Marche Region, the green heart of Italy.

In fact, star anise is one of the ingredients most commonly used during the distillation (especially those illegal ones in the cellar of my uncle’s house, with the smell of Anisette that you could smell from miles away) to create liqueurs for spike or after meals. And from here starts the intuition.

This is where the enveloping smell of anise, almost spicy but persuasive, harmonises with and immerge in a delicate acacia honey that amplifies his vanilla and sugared almond peculiarity to create a perfect match for people who wants to discover ancient smells and new tastes.

Excellent as sweetener for coffee, barley coffee, green tea or even better on a piece of ripe peach.


Oscar Farinetti


Thanks to people like Oscar, I found acceptance, friendliness and visibility at an important market such as Eataly – high quality food.

Only a farsighted organization like this could give me space and comprehend how much work and passion there is beyond my creations, birth and growth. I am ‘The Star’ - “La Stella” and I am in the team I would call “Eataly Family” since 2012.

Alè Oscar!


250 GR, 100% Made in Italy