A long and hard-working procedure

The inhabitans soon learned to toast and grind seeds contained in the pod to prepare a dense, extremely nutritious food. The cocoa seeds were toasted with a tool called metate, a kind of curved stone, resting on two transversal bases and heated with the wood underneath it. Then it passed to the grinding of the grains with a special rolling pin, also made of stone to obtain a fine grain paste. 


A long tradition

The resulting cocoa paste was flavored with special spices: vanilla, chili pepper, cinnamon, exotic flowers and local herbs. Finally, the compound rubbed on the metate until it hardened, becoming an homogeneous mixture. In order to avoid grinding, special cake and corn sticks were prepared to be used as a thickener, with a small amount of water to solidify the mixture, finally ready to be used. 


Intense taste and charming colors

Modica Chocolate has an intense black color with precious brown reflections. Rustic and almost rough, this precious confectionery product includes granular sugar, which give it an intense taste and a particular brilliance. Its semicold-processing does not include the couching process, allowing to preserve the organoleptic properties and to full taste the scents and flavors of old-time. These are the characteristics that differentiate Modica chocolate by Antica Dolceria Rizza, from all the other types of chocolate, making them original and unique. 


Gluten-Free, Lactose-Free, Lecithin-Free, No Added Fats, Naturally Vegan