Triumph of smells and flavors

Tasting slowly a Cigno di Bellini means give into the triumph of smells and flavors of this delicious Sicilian specialty: a real panacea for the spirit, that involve all five senses. They are prepared with high quality ingredients carefully selected to guarantee our customers genuine products only. 


Delicious chocolate praline

Cigni di Bellini are delicious Modica chocolate pralines of 70% mono-origin S. Domingo cocoa beans, Sicilian dry figs, wet with moscato di Noto and delicious praline almonds.
As everyone knows, Sicily boasts famous cultural traditions and the Cigni di Bellini are its worthy symbol.
By tasting these delicacies, it is possible to enjoy the music of the great Catanian professor Vincenzo Bellini and the tastes of the most famous Sicilian chocolate: from this perfect match, magically, they are created the Cigni di Belini in Modica


Tribute to Siciliy

These sweet specialties are a true tribute to Sicily, with a unique and special flavor. Before to be tasted, the Cigni di Bellini should first be smelled in order to understand the aroma of Modica chocolate and the many olfactory properties released. These delicious specialties should not be eaten in a single bite but tasted to view the interior, perhaps listening to Vincenzo Bellini's music in the background, to which the chocolates are inspired. Finally, in order to capture every aromatic nuance, the Cigni di bellini would be slightly chewed, making it melt in the mouth softly. 


Gluten-Free, Lactose-Free, Lecithin-Free, No Added Fats, Naturally Vegan