The excellence of Modica chocolate

Antica Dolceria Rizza produces their Modica chocolate just like in the past, without changing the ingredients and with professionalism, passion and love. All natural and always of excellent quality raw materials, are strictly controlled, in full compliance with current food law. The Modica Carrè, grainy for tradition and thin for innovation, offers intense and unique tasting experiences. 


Extra fine chocolate

Antica Dolceria Rizza makes mini chocolates with 60% of Ecuador's mono-origin cocoa paste. The Modica carrè is a particularly thin type of chocolate. Since this is a pocket format, each piece weighs about six grams. The famous Modica chocolate, of Aztec origin, has been handed down from generation to generation until Spain, becoming one of the most important gastronomic traditions of the County of Modica. Our activity still today continues saving and preserving this tradition, through a wise and careful selection of ingredients and craftsmanship techniques. 


Precious food

Chocolate is a precious food with the power of enhance the mood and heart health. Indeed, its regular consumption really stimulates the release of endorphins. In Mayan culture, chocolate was called "food of the Gods" and was consumed only by some social classes among the population. Antica Dolceria Rizza has inherited the passion for chocolate, creating delicious confectionery specialties, able to give you intense and unforgettable taste sensations. For more information on the Carrè modicano or any other product, please contact our staff at the addresses in the special section of this site. 


Gluten-Free, Lactose-Free, Lecithin-Free, No Added Fats, Naturally Vegan