For us, at Ossessione Italiana we believe in the idea of delivering naturally produced healthy products from local Italian producers to your table.

Our goods are the result of a very selective screening process. We feel it's important to personally know the origins and the traditions behind each product.

As the Mediterranean diet dictates, the simpler the better and even though every flavour tastes amazing on its own, it is the combination of a few of them that makes a meal unique.

Our grandparents showed us that longevity derives from a healthy diet while our lifestyle may be more demanding. There shouldn't be an excuse not to eat healthily.

After all, Life is too short not to eat well


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We believe in the perfect balance between freshness, tradition and latest developments. This is why Ossessione Italiana provides vegan, gluten free and vegeterian friendly products even where normally it would be difficult to reach them.

Our condiments, semi-finished products, sweets, chocolate and spreadable creams will make sure that your recipes are approved even by the strictest Italian nonnas.


Our goal is to lead you to a tasting tour through the Italian regions: each of them offering you a completely different experience.

We begin from Sicily, one of the most beautiful and ancient islands in Europe and what people generally define as a jewel in the Mediterranean sea. There the sun shines over a land where people still believe in family values and are strongly connected with their rural origins.  We then explore Tuscany with its  extraordinary countryside hills  and landscapes up to the heel of Italy's boots; Apulia and its whitewashed hill towns as Martina Franca, centuries old farmland and hundreds of kilometers of Mediterranean coastline.


The tour will continue and we will keep you posted with regular new delicacies.

As Hyppocrates would say:

"Let food be thy medicine, thy medicine shall be thy food"