The company and the region

​Lulalux was born from the dream of two Italian entrepreneurial business women to make tangible the idea of natural beauty by creating unique essential oils with organic and natural products only. The company chooses its raw natural materials based on their high quality and sustainability and transforms them into healthy non synthetic nor standardized beauty products.

Lulalux is located in the heart of the Itria Valley: Martina Franca well known as the historical center of the Apulia region. Everything in the valley and the procedures utilized by most of the farms are still mainly organic and connected to the historical agricultural traditions The weather is dry with a wind that everyday brings to the valley its Mediterranean sea aroma.

Essential oils and production method

These oils are produced only by specific kinds of plants which tend to release very small amounts of oil with a really powerful scent. This is the case of jasmine, rose or lemon balm. Each oil once extracted by its plant is a mixture of hundreds of different molecules which characterize its smell of depending on their proportion of the blend. Essential oils are extracted by heating a container full of water over a fire. When the water boils the steam released is gathered into a steam container and passes in it through the different fresh plans that release their oils and flavors. The steam condenses and becomes distilled water and then in another container is again separated by the water to become aromatic water. Of this water up to 1% is the essential oil. 

The therapeutic uses

One of the easiest ways to appreciate the properties of the essential oils is using them as home fragrance through which you will be able to experience their scent diffused in the air, while naturally relaxing and inspiring tranquillity thanks to their aromas.

Together with the home fragrances essential oils are perfect for an aromatic bath. After filling your bath tub with hot water 10-12 drops of essential oil are enough to immerse yourself in calm and piece.

Essential oils are optimal also for massages for which they have to be diluted in a vegetable oil that serves as a carrier. Dry skin requires thicker oily combinations  (olive or wheat) while oily skins necessitates thinner oils such as almond and sunflower ones.​