The History

Bees are at the heart of Giorgio Poeta's work and the three ingredients of his products are the quality of the environment, Bee’s wellness and the respect for the tradition.
He was born in 1984 in Fabriano. After his graduation in Agriculture, in 2002, he started his path with two beehives that his father Antonio gave him as a gift. He enrolled in the polytechnic university of Ancona, within the faculty of Agriculture and he graduated with a thesis concerning with his aged honey. From the degree to now it is contemporary history.
How does he see the future? In yellow and black stripes. The company is growing every year and it has a
lot of ongoing projects.

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The Bees

Giorgio Poeta's bees account for almost 70,000 and just one single queen bee in a beehive each season. A worker bee lives about 50 days, the queen bee lives up to 5 years. These bees live in circa 400 behives spread throughout the entire Italian regions, close to plantations of top quality, which is one of the features that make Giorgio Poeta’s honey special. from the flowers to the beehive. Each bee travels 150,000 kilometres, almost 4 times around the globe. One single behive visits circa 225 thousands flowers in one day picking up a quantity of nectar covering 3,000 hectares or more than 4,000 football fields.

The aged honey

The“Il Carato” comes from Giorgio Poeta's acacia honey which is aged for nine months in French oak barrels.
As a liquid honey with a pungent smell that reminds us of mulled wine, with a surprisingly sweet aftertaste. The best combination of this honey is with Parmigiano cheese. It is also excellent with caramelizing red meat or row on a boiled salmon. It is also very pleasant if combined with Greek yogurt and with garnish dried fruit. The Anice Stellato honey is obtained by adding to delicate acacia honey three stars of anise.
The sublime smell of anise, so particularly spicy but persuasive, amplifies the peculiarity of vanilla and sugared almond, creating
the perfect match for everybody who wants to discover ancient smells and new tastes. Excellent as sweetener for coffee, barley coffee, green tea or even better on a piece of ripe peach. “Il Carato”, that for a silly game, becomes “Carato Gran Cru”. Our acacia honey dominating the scene is pure, aged in barrels where Kurni wine has rested for several months. Kurni Is the most particular and loved red wine in Marche region.
Its smell reminds of dried fruit, sour cherry, cherries, stewed prunes, with some strong, marked notes touches of burnt. Its colour is very deep with scarlet reflexes that remind of Kurni that has previously rested in the same barrels. Take a ceramic spoon, and half an hour.

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