The company

The Antica Dolceria Rizza, repository of the ancient Modica chocolate process for more than four generations, innovates its products while respecting the traditional shapes and flavors, making its products a real cult. The chocolate is made out of  the highest quality cocoa beans and a careful selection of all other ingredients that compose it. 

Antica Dolceria Rizza chocolate is a true tribute to Sicily with a unique and special flavor. Before tasting it the product should be smelled in order to understand the aroma of Modica and the many olfactory properties released. The chocolate and especially the Cigni di bellini is gluten-free, lactose-free and without soy lecithin or any added fats.

Modica chocolate

The Modica chocolate produced by Antica Dolceria Rizza follows a slow and hard-working process and what makes this chocolate unique is that it is obtained from the first squeezing of cocoa beans previously only slightly toasted and milled with addition of sugar. The initial mix is worked at low temperatures and it is not subject to any conching process. This complex but natural and organic procedure gives birth to a unique chocolate with a perfect harmony between its taste and the flavors of the territory and the ability to preserve the organoleptic features of what was defined by the Aztecs as the 'Food of the Gods' and that Cristoforo Colombo brought from the new world to Isabelle of Spain in 1497.

The chocolate comes in different shapes and flavors among which we offer orange peel, pistachios, from almonds to marsala, from chili pepper to lemon peel.