The "Terre di Biccari" Consortium was born from the love and attachment to their land of five young friends, farmers and producers of durum wheat. The common goal is to support and promote the production of high quality pasta using only the durum wheat of their hills. Biccari is a small village located in the heart of the Monti Dauni, a few kilometers from Foggia, it covers a very large territory that goes from the sunny plains to the imposing Monte Cornacchia, the highest peak in Puglia. This heterogeneity of the territory and the consequent biodiversity of the microclimate creates a diversification in the type and quality of the cultivated grains, which is a peculiarity of our pasta and which allows at the same time to have a product with high standards of gastronomic quality. In this generous and fertile land, where the ancient agricultural art and the warm rays of the sun ripen the golden ears, a valuable durum wheat is born from which it originates a genuine, authentic, simple pasta, completely free of glyphosate, mycotoxins and residues of agro drugs; a royal pasta, fulcrum of the Mediterranean diet, in which taste and health blend. Creating excellent products by practicing sustainable agriculture that respects the health of families and the land to which these five friends belong.

The Pasta

The pasta of our Consortium, "Terre di Biccari", was born in the heart of the Dauni mountains, it is bronze drawn and produced with Biccari (FG) agro durum wheat and very pure water. The wheat processed by the Consortium is produced by scrupulously following its production regulations and supplied following the stipulation of a cultivation contract at the beginning of the agricultural year. The consortium uses only its high quality semolina, extracted from the heart of the bean, of golden yellow color. The high protein content gives the semolina first, and then the pasta, an intense aroma and flavor that reminds the flavor of the pasta of the past, with a high cooking resistance. The pasta is processed in a traditional way and with slow drying. The use of bronze dies allows all pasta shapes to have a rough surface, able to collect all the flavors and colors of the seasoning and gives the pasta a superior taste and quality

The best Rigatoni pasta award

The consortium Terre di Biccari has this year won the award of best Rigatoni pasta by the well known Italian food specialized magazine 'Gambero Rosso'.

Gambero Rosso is the world's authority on Italian food, wine and travel. Established in 1986 is acknowledged throughout Italy, and by those who know it internally, as the provider of the most up to date, impartial and expert insights into 'Saper vivere' the Italian way of life.

Gambero Rosso started as a traditional content company publishing magazines, guides, wine, cookery and travel books. Its expansion in the recent years has included the opening of Citta' del gusto in Rome and Naples dedicated to exploring the vast universe of Italian food and wine, professional and amateur cooking schools, a 24/7 channel with studios and full production facilities and a number of online interests.

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