History and values

The family owned Azienda Agricola Fornaroli is located on a 98 hectares land in the province of Pavia in Lombardy, an area particularly famous for the production of rice. The Fornaroli family has a four generation history of rice cultivation.

When the farm started in the 1950's it was a habit of the big and usually aristocratic landlords family to lend their land to small farmers coming from all over Italy. This is how the patriarch of the Fornaroli family, a farmer coming from Piacenza, made his first experiences in cultivating rice together with his brothers and all the members of the family including the famous 'mondine' seasonal rice paddy workers that were really common to find in the river Po valley during the 19th and the first half of the 20th century.

With the new generations the company has maintained the traditional values and attachment to the land while implementing newer and more effective techniques and machinery. 

The production

Besides the cultivation of rice on the over 98 hectares that the farm occupies the second step is the transformation of the raw paddy rice to the refined rice ready to be consumed. The process is simple and techniques done to avoid additives and deliver a fresh products and flavors that only rice can give.