Since 1937 the year of its foundation Caffe’ Milani stresses the importance of tradition together with a modern entrepreneurial, technology and productive approaches mindset.

Everything started in the historic center of Como where it was impossible to resist the charming aroma of coffee coming from the door of Celestino Milani's workshop, where there was a small coffee bar with a discontinuous roaster, producing high-quality coffee.

Since the year of its foundation the small coffee shop in front of the picturesque Lake Como has expanded to become a landmark in the region and beyond thanks to its accurate selection of the finest varieties of coffee, imported directly from its place of origin, paying meticulous attention to roasting and, of course, to skillful blending.

The action project

Action is an exclusive project resulting from 80 years of experience and passion, destined for coffee connoisseurs and true lovers who wish to embark on a journey towards excellence.
The Action Espresso Bio Coffee blend, 100% Arabica, expresses the perfect nature of Espresso, an exclusively Italian art and tradition. It is produced from coffee grown in small fazendas with ancient traditional methods, without using any chemicals.
It was awarded the prestigious Certified Italian Espresso product certification in accordance with the provisions of Technical Specifications no. 008, annex 8 CSQA no. 214, and was awarded the gold medal at the International Coffee Tasting 2016

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